Who we are & what we do

Sport Profile Management

SPM recognises that sports stars are a brand in their own right.

All brands need reputational support and strategic planning. At SPM we offer bespoke social media management tailored to the exact needs of the individual.

As a former professional footballer Neil Mellor knows exactly the stresses today’s young stars are under. He’s put together a team of industry experts who can shape, enhance and protect online reputations.


What we offer

We shape, grow and protect the brand through targeted social media posts designed to maximise fan interaction – and enhance popularity and reputation.

SPM takes away the fear of social media – as industry experts we know what to post and when to post it. The client can relax knowing their profile is being maximised without the worry of missing opportunities.

Check your history

We check your entire social media past and erase anything which could harm your reputation.

Plan a strategy

We work with you to plan a structured social media policy designed to engage the public.

Build a brand

Your online popularity will increase as your social personality becomes stronger.

Protect your reputation

By avoiding common social media errors and listening to our honest advice your reputation will grow.

Commercial deals

Big brands want to align themselves to influential individuals. SPM makes sure our clients are in the right position to capitalise on this.

Media training and advice

Want a career beyond football? Our strategies are designed to give clients the best possible opportunity to continue earning money once they stop playing.


How we work

SPM is set up to work for the client. At every stage of our process we talk, listen and then plan bespoke individual strategies. All clients get personal feedback and we constantly monitor and review our success rates.

1. Listen

We listen to our clients. Find out their like and passions – we want their personality to shine.

2. Plan

We plan which platforms will best work for the individual – Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook can all play a huge role

3. Craft

SPM will craft a social media diary. Key dates for individual and club are mapped out.

4. Negotiate

Our brand team will secure commercial deals – monetising social media is possible.

5. Evidence

Our data experts will track the success of all posts, letting the client know exactly how we are working for them.

6. Discuss

At monthly meetings we provide detailed updates and discuss future plans.